About us

Owls have always been seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Turtles remind us to slow down once in a while. These things combined perfectly define who we are, what we strive for and who we want to speak to as a brand: We exactly know what designs make you stand out of the crowd and whilst appealing to the modern woman with a vibrant lifestyle, we firmly believe in the power of taking the time to appreciate the small details in life.

Owls & Turtles is a young brand that was created to offer you stylish and exquisite fashion accessories at the highest quality while providing excellent customer service. And the best is you can benefit from this from wherever you are located in the world!

We truly hope you will enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Please check back regularly as we will expand our offer of unique, trendy products over time. 

You will not find our products in stores.

For any sort of questions, comments or feedback please feel free to contact us anytime.

Have fun browsing through our website and always remember: 

☆ Be Divine | Be You